What Helped Me Understand My Heroine’s Inner Conflict

If I thought of BDSM as an orientation, that meant I didn’t have to worry about or fight it anymore. – Clarisse Thorn


While I have the synopsis of my novel ready to go (or so I think- ha!), I’m still working on my “hook” and “pitch.” I’m finding it incredibly difficult to summarize something I’ve been working on for a year into just a couple paragraphs—and even scarier, a sentence or two.


When asked, I describe my novel as an erotic BDSM romance, but I think my heroine’s journey of self-acceptance over her sexual identity is an equal part of the story. Based on her past experiences, she struggles with acknowledging her need for submission. But as time moves on, she begins to understand that her desires for BDSM are more deep-seeded and it’s what she needs to have sexually satisfying relationships. She ponders the question: Is BDSM an orientation? Yet, she never quite answers the question for herself.


A month ago, I happened upon Clarisse Thorn’s blog after searching online regarding other’s thoughts on BDSM as a sexual orientation. Her excellent posting on the topic really spoke to me and, in turn, helped me to better understand my heroine. I thought I’d share her post with you as well. She presents ‘arguments’ for both angles of the debate/discussion but ultimately arrives at a different, more inclusive conclusion. Read it here: BDSM As A Sexual Orientation, and Complications of the Orientation Model.


Based on this posting and her other blog entries, I intend to check out all of Ms. Thorn’s books. I’ve already started reading: BDSM and Culture: Fifty Shades of Stereotype. She appears to go beyond the more prevalent “How to” books and explore BDSM from a variety of viewpoints. Perhaps, I’ll do a review in the near future and post here.

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