A Year Ago Today…

My book was conceived a year ago today while driving on I-95 during my daily commute. The plot bunny hit me hard, and I couldn’t wait to get myself in front of a computer to make sense of the ideas swarming around my head. Within a couple of hours, I had a working outline. 

I jumped online to chat with an author friend for whom I beta read, needing to know if my story was a worthwhile goal.


She encouraged me to write, and I started that night. Soon after, I turned from beta reader to crit partner. 

Last year was a milestone birthday for me. A few of my friends who’d gone before me in hitting that ‘lovely’ number had vowed to take something off their bucket list to mark their special year. One took violin lessons; another sought out glass blowing classes.

I’d never been much of a writer minus my dabble in fan fiction a few years ago. My writing for work is anything but creative and is usually accompanied by graphs and stats. But, my short stint as fanfic author showed me that I enjoyed bringing characters and scenarios in my head to life. 

So when this plot bunny hit me 365 days ago, I knew I’d found my bucket list item: write a damn novel. I honestly never had ambitions to write a novel before that day, but once I started, I knew I had to finish.

Now to start thinking up ideas of how to mark my following birthdays… Any suggestions?

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