Got Some Exciting News Today

I knew today was the day for the Georgia Romance Writers to announce their finalists for the 2015 Unpublished Maggie Awards so when I was sitting in a meeting this morning and noticed a call from an Atlanta area code flash upon my screen, my stomach did a flip and a flop. I sat patiently (yeah right) at the conference table and waited for the meeting to end before I could run outside and call the person back.


Sherry from GRW was on the other line, and she shared the news that my manuscript is a finalist in the Erotic Romance category. A scream or two later, I thanked her and ended the call. A huge smile has been on my face ever since. 


I’m unsure if I’ll be able to attend the Moonlight & Magnolias conference this October when the winners will be announced, but if not, I will certainly be there in spirit. I’m also looking forward to meeting the other finalists in my category and hearing about their manuscripts.


There’s an incredible amount of self-doubt that goes along with writing and putting yourself out there. There are highs and lows, and I’ve been feeling more of the doubt end these past couple of weeks. But then there’s a moment like today that lifts me up and give me that motivation to keep on writing. I’m excited to see what lies ahead!


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