RWA Nationals in New York City…Here I Come!

In the stillness of the evening, When the sun has had its day,  I heard your voice whispering…Come away now.  New, New York. – U2


Tomorrow is the day! Finally. The suitcase is packed, and I’m only bring 4 pairs of shoes.

I’ve wanted to go to a writer’s/reader’s conference for the past couple of years, but it hadn’t worked out. That all ends tomorrow. Not only am I going to my first romance writer’s conference, but I am going to THE romance writer’s conference…RWA Nationals. 
I will be leaving the hubby and child behind for some genuine adult and alone time. But I won’t really be alone. I will have a couple thousand people surrounding me including author friends and my fellow sisters, the Dragonflies ( the official name of 2015 Golden Heart® Finalists class). Good thing I’m an extrovert.
Until I sat down last week and mapped out my days, I hadn’t realized just how jam-packed my days will be. Aside from the obvious workshops, keynote addresses, and editor/agent pitch sessions, it seems like there are parties, after parties, and after-after parties. I’m also excited to experience the “extras” that come with being a Golden Heart® finalist such as the reception and being intimately involved in the award ceremony. I’ll be the one with the restless legs and a ‘deer in the headlights’ face. (Though I’m sure I won’t be alone on that front.)
Golden Heart Pin


For the first time, RWA will be broadcasting the Award Ceremony live. Head to their website to view it, starting this Saturday at 8 pm. 
I’ve also packed in a few extras while in NYC such as seeing U2 on tour. My 20th U2 concert. There was no way I would be only a few blocks away from Madison Square Garden and not see my all-time favorite Irishmen. And as a “Hedhead”, I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to see Hedwig & the Angry Inch on Broadway. Having Taye Diggs take the lead is just the icing on the cake. On Sunday, I plan to explore the 9/11 Memorial museum. 
Much more to come. Stay tuned.

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