GMC, Boosting Emotion, & Contest Update!

It’s been some time since my last post, so I thought I’d do an update.




Back last March, I attended the Hearts in the Sand conference hosted by the Southwest Florida Romance Writers. They invited Debra Dixon to spend the day with us going over GMC (Goal, Motivation, and Conflict). If you are a writer (no matter your level of experience) and haven’t had the opportunity to sit through one of her workshops, I highly recommend it. As a relatively new writer, it was helpful to know that I was crafting stories by instinct that incorporated GMC. But her class reinforced the importance of GMC and how to make my stories more compelling and goal driven. So if you are at a conference where she’s presenting, go go go!


I’ve been an editing machine these past few months. When I found myself having a challenge infusing more emotion into my manuscripts, some of my author friends suggested I look into Margie Lawson‘s online courses. Based on their recommendation, I decided to purchase her online packet, “Empowering Characters’ Emotions.” It took a good week to get through the materials (I was speed reading), but I soon learned why Margie is a big advocate of highlighting your written work.




Her highlighting method helped me see my writing in a whole new way, ensuring my scenes had a good sense of setting, strong dialogue, and emotion. I don’t think I will ever edit a document again without printing a hard copy and swiping those dayglo markers across my pages.


And my last bit of news… I recently learned that I’m a finalist in the Valley Forge Romance Writers Sheila Contest for unpublished manuscripts in Erotic Romance. It’s such an honor to be included in this esteemed contest and to be a finalist along with Seana Kelly, my Dragonfly sister.


Next up: an interview with author, Sierra Cartwright.

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