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This time on The Art of Writing Erotic Romance, I get to virtually sit down with author, Rebekah Weatherspoon. Rebekah calls Southern California her home and is the author of twelve books along with work published in several anthologies. She was the winner of the Golden Crown Literary Award for At Her Feet, a lesbian BDSM romance. But her accolades don’t end there. Her novella FIT (first in the FIT trilogy) won the Romantic Times Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Erotica Novella, and SATED (third in the same trilogy) was nominated for the Romantic Times Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Digital Erotic Romance. 

Author RebekahWeatherspoon

I first became acquainted with Rebekah’s work when reading FIT. Her main character, Violet, likes to indulge in delicious food. Who doesn’t? Losing weight is a struggle until she hooks up with a fitness trainer, make that a Dominant fitness trainer. If I were in Violet’s shoes, I’d be a nice, svelte size 6. Seriously, some gym needs to tap into that market. I think Rebekah is sitting on a golden idea.

I also have thoroughly enjoyed the Sugar Baby novella series. The books in this series are as sweet, tempting, and dare I say, a little sticky, as the treats featured on her bold and enticing covers.

Author Rebekah Weatherspoon's Books

Her latest book in this series, So for Real, was released in late September. I’d post a blurb, but as it’s the third book in this fantastic series, I don’t want to offer spoilers for those who’ve yet to read the other two books. I’m sure the wedding cake on its cover gives you a hint or two.

Our Interview

Hi, Rebekah. For those who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself? What brought you from the land of noreasters in New Hampshire to the land of earthquakes in Los Angeles?

Hi, I’m Rebekah. I’m an Aquarius. I love baby animals and sitting on the beach. Long walks are overrated. New Hampshire is very cold 7 months out of the year, and I was sick of it. I ran away toward the sunshine, minus the humidity. Also, I came out here really to work in film, but romance took over my life.

I love following you on Twitter as you always have some great insight about films and TV shows. While I’m sure you’d be great in film, I can’t complain that romance swept you off your feet. It suits you!

Your bio on your website is rather fascinating. You’ve worked as a library assistant, meter maid, middle school teacher, B-movie production assistant, reality show crew chauffeur, D-movie producer, and lube and harness specialist at an erotic boutique in West Hollywood. Talk about an impressive and diverse resume. What’s the best gig you’ve had from the list above? Any funny stories?

I got to talk two young, twentysomethings through safe anal sex. They were adorable. I hope they are still together and doing it in the butt.

Hah. Yes, I’m sure you gave them a gift that keeps on giving. So when did you start writing?

2005. I drafted a really depressing story that was terrible.

I suppose we all have to start somewhere. You’ve obviously transformed from “terrible” to amazing. As I stated above, your book’s have been praised in the Romantic Times Book Reviews, and you’re an award winner as well. Which book are you most proud of?

That’s a tough call. I like all of my books for different reasons. I think SATED. I know I would have never been able to sell that couple to a mainstream publisher. It was fun to write Keira and Daniel and readers seem to love them.

Author Rebekah Weatherspoon's Characters

It’s so infuriating that this couple wouldn’t be a “sell.” Readers do indeed love them. I like your visual inspiration for Keira and Daniel! He’s definitely perfect hero material. Speaking of which, I noticed on Twitter a few months ago that you got to meet Fabio at The Ripped Bodice bookstore. Can you tell us what that was like? Did he pose for a future book cover of yours?

Fabio is the nicest man ever. He came into a film segment about the store and romance publishing for a local news station. When he came in, he knew we were there to giggle and drool, but he treated us like we were his long time friends. He was also such a good sport about signing my pack of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. I don’t think I’ll use him for a cover, but I want him to be in my next round of author photos.

You created the both awesome and vital site, Women of Color in Romance as well as its Twitter feed. The site is so important for promoting authors of color as we know books by authors of color and books featuring non-white/straight characters often do not get prominent display space at bookstores or online. Visibility is crucial to the success of a book and author. This site is easy to navigate and features nearly every genre one could desire. Can you talk a bit about this site, and how you’d like to see it grow?

There is definitely no secret with WOCINR. I just wanted an easy place for readers to find books written by women of color because there’s this weird racist rumor in publishing that we don’t write. The website and the Twitter are just the books. No contests, no blogs, no awards. I’m just shoving books in your face. Enjoy!!

We’ve started a patreon with really fun rewards to help with the long-term costs of operations [for WOCINR] and are currently looking for donations. People should definitely check it out.

By reading the patreon, I can clearly see your vision for expanding WOCINR. I hope fellow authors and writers can donate to make your vision a reality. And, please, continue “shoving books” in people’s faces! I love hearing about books to fill up my Kindle. 

As an erotic author, I’d like to get to know what drew you to this genre. What’s the first erotic thing you ever read? How about the most erotic?

There’s this scene in Summer Sisters by Judy Blume where these two girls dry hump to orgasm, and I was like “WHHHAAAAAAAAT!?” I think I read that in junior high. I THINK the most erotic thing I’ve read is Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy. I think.

That’s book is pretty damn erotic. Are you private or open about your erotic fiction writing with friends, family, and in your local community? If so, what’s their reaction to your choice of genre?

All my friends and family know. To me, it’s not exactly something I would think of to hide. I just told my dad that I would be writing erotic romance under my real name so he wouldn’t be shocked if he heard it from someone else, but my whole family and my friends have been very supportive. My mom even shared my books with some of my elementary school teachers, and they were psyched for me.

That’s awesome. You should have asked your old teachers to submit a book report, picture and all.

So it sounds like those around you are very supportive, but with the sexual content of your books, do you ever feel treated differently as an author by others in the writing world? Do you ever feel like you’re put on the defense about your work?

All romance is shit on by people outside of romance, but I don’t really have to listen to all that. I have books to write and TV to livetweet.

When reading your books, I think what strikes me the most is your strong sense of humor. I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop reading because I was giggling. For example, in So Sweet, I loved how you described your hero as “a sexy Jesus of sorts.” And then there was the scene later where Kayla was struggling to wrap her naked body in the hero’s Cal King sheets, like they do on TV, and was having a difficult time. Those funny moments are everywhere in your writing. What’s your trick to doing it right, especially during sexy times?

I don’t set out to make those moments particularly funny. I just try to make them real. Have you ever tried to wrap yourself in a sheet? The process of it is not sexy at all.

No, it is not. And you are right, you make it real, and often, real can be rather funny. When writing sex, it’s hard not to use the same words over and over and to describe a mind-blowing orgasm in a new way. How do you keep the sex fresh?

When writing sex, it’s hard not to use the same words over and over and to describe a mind-blowing orgasm in a new way. How do you keep the sex fresh?

Every person is different, and even if you do the same positions each time you have sex, every time is still different. So I try to think about what a particular character will and won’t like in bed. I think about what happened before the foreplay started. Where is this couple in their relationship? A couple that just met and is having a drunken one-night stand is going to have different sex from a couple who is trying to snag a quickie in the break-room.

Very true. There’s much to consider when writing sex. You really have to get in the headspace of your characters.

Finally, we come to my last, and certainly least important question. You’ve made it well-known that you cheat at UNO. Why cheat, and does anyone even play with you anymore?

Cause cheating at UNO is fun, and no one, cause I cheat at UNO.


When I meet you in person one day, I’ll be sure to have a deck on hand. I can cheat as well, you know.

This concludes my interview with Rebekah. I thank her for her time and participation and YOU for stopping by. Go read her fabulous books and follow her on Twitter. She certainly makes my Twitter feed more fun, as well as more enlightening and worthy. If you have any questions or comments for Rebekah, feel free to post below. Please donate for the WOCINR patreon!

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