Rope HeartElle Mason has always been a fan of romances, especially the ones that don’t fade out after the kiss. When she was a bright (that’s debatable) and impressionable teen, she’d steal her mom’s romance books to skim for every naughty scene. After finally reading entire romance books from cover-to-cover, she discovered a love for the romance genre. Since then, she’s sought out all those satisfied sighs that come from a good ol’ happily ever after.

When approaching a milestone birthday a couple years ago, Elle’s friends had marked their own birthdays by checking off bucket list items. Unlike them, she didn’t feel the call to run a marathon or take music lessons. (She can’t run to save her life, but she’s not bad at air guitar.) While commuting to work, it suddenly hit her—she was going to write her first novel. It didn’t matter that she had no real background in fiction writing. She had inspiration, a plot bunny, and she was going to run with it.

She worked on her manuscript slowly, all the while relearning things she’d forgotten years ago in AP English and annoying her crit partner with questions. Elle learned she has a thing for gerunds, British spelling of words (even though she’s a Yank), and writing steamy sex scenes. Finishing her first novel was a personal achievement. She could never have imagined it would be a 2015 Golden Heart® finalist or win first place in Erotic Romance in the 2015 unpublished Orange Rose contest.

Elle’s currently pursuing publication. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America® and its chapters, Florida Romance Writers, The Golden Network, and Passionate Ink. Besides being a writer, she wears many hats (wife, social worker, and mom). She can be a bit of a jokester, pretends she’s a fabulous photographer, and helps people plan vacations to The Mouse. She’s lived on both coasts but is happy South Florida’s her home (especially in the winter).

Literary agent Cassie Hanjian at Waxman Leavell Literary represents Elle Mason.